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  1. I invite everyone to visit the Global Regeneration Network to see the Regeneration Chart in the book, GlobalAwakening, New Science and the 21st Century Enlightenment. The book, illuminates the story of how change makers and creative geniuses awakening the societies and cultures of their time. Michael Schacker, passed on Oct. 31, 2014, but his book is more important than ever. In 2020 it may sound unlikely that we will be able to reverse catastrophic climate change, but indeed we can! There is something, a potential, that is so obvious, but something that we, as a global community, are not fully aware of yet. The solutions are already here! They simply aren’t highlighted and promoted by the mass media and the corporate agenda. Global Awakening will inspire you to play your part in building a new world. Here you will find a holistic approach to finding and implementing solutions to the degeneration caused by mindless mechanistic destruction to the ecosystem of the planet. The intent is to build a network of all people around the world, all the creative innovators– past and present–the wise teachers, the organic farmers, the artists, the new scientists and green inventors–every generation coming together to save our planet. With is vision, we can connect everything and everyone together with a plan for rapid transformation. The Global Regeneration Network, is a compendium of brilliant solutions collected from the past to the present and hopefully continuing into the future, a future where we have learned how to live collectively with enlightened consciousness, natural abundance and peace. It is still possible!

    As of this date, February 11, 2020 the web site is currently undergoing a big renovation, but by the spring of this year I plan to relaunch it. So in the meantime, read this book and let it inspire you to follow your heart and become an agent of change!

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