Michael Schacker

Michael Schacker, author of Global Awakening, New Science and the 21st Century Englightenment


Michael Schacker is an investigative science writer and co-founder of the Global Regeneration Network. A strategic consultant and writer in the field of regenerative agriculture, he is the author of A Spring Without Bees. Global Awakening, New Science and the 21st Century Enlightenment is the culmination of over 30 years of research and investigation. This brilliant book was virtually completed before he suffered a massive brain injury in 2008.

He lived in Woodstock, New York where he had made a remarkable recovery until his passing, October 30th, 2014.  His final contribution to the world, “Eurthona, The Global Curriculum” is available at GlobalCurriculum.com  It is the first world-wide history based on global consciousness, new paradigm thinking, and progressive education for change.  It reveals startling insights and teaches an abundance of hidden history with deep implications for how we can save our planet.

Order the book  – Visit Euthona, the Global Curriculum online course.

Contact Global Awakening and the Global Curriculum: email

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